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PIA BOLTE® returns to Fashion Week Exclusively for Lan of Fashion Runway Showcase™

German designer PIA BOLTE® makes return to runway during New York Fashion Week.

Manhattan, NY (January 8, 2019) – New York Fashion Week is a cultural celebration of art, expression, and vision all in the name of fashion. The creative phenomenon has not only been a staple among the city but has extended its reach throughout the entire world. Designer Pia Bolte, Munich, has become amongst the season’s most admired brands to spot during Fashion Week. PIA BOLTE® will exclusively showcase her latest collection at Lan of Fashion’s Runway Showcase™.

PIA BOLTE® is among the world’s most distinctive designers. The PIA BOLTE® signature jackets are all handmade designs, drawing inspiration from each individual and their sole expression. The brand’s philosophy is to encourage its consumers to express their personality through their own unique style.

The Lan of Fashion Runway Showcase™ will also feature, several other designers from all over the world. All designers will showcase their most impressive work for this Fall/Winter ’19 season. Heading this season’s Runway Showcase™ will be PIA BOLTE®. The showcase promises to be among this season’s “must see”.

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