Fall Trend Radar: Behold the Hottest Fashion Trends of the Season

Fall Trend Radar: Behold the Hottest Fashion Trends of the Season

Article by Monica
October 28, 2018

Ladies, the chilly winds have started to blow strong, and at Lan of Fashion, we are busy in scouting and spotting all the hottest trends of the season. So far, the runways have spoken in the favor of bold outwear staples, energetic colors and glamorous ‘80s inspired statements.

Let’s feast our eyes on the hottest fashion trends to flaunt this season:


Wild Wild West

From bold leather boots, and dramatic fringes to oversized cowgirl hats, sassy button-down shirts and sharp leather jackets, the wild western vibes have emerged as the hottest trend on the fall fashion radar.

Needless to say, this trend is sassy, vivacious and edgy with a whole new dimension to explore your own femininity and ravish your inner goddess with a bold, lady boss attitude. You pick out leather jackets with sharp western accents, fringed outwear and boots, feminine yet edgy trench coats or perhaps a studded cowgirl hat.


The Art of Layering

Here’s an exciting fashion trend that doesn’t really require to shop but in fact, urges you to acquire the art of layering the staples you already own. The idea is to experiment around with volume and textures in a masterful manner that allows every staple to shine out.

This season, more is always less, and layering even 9 items won’t attract you any kind of embarrassment on the streets. Focus on layering hoodies with padded jackets, dress, or nightlife versions of bright multi-layered outfits with bold jackets.


Flower Power

Ladies, flowers are trending super-hot on the fall fashion radar, and they were flaunted on the runways with a glorious abundance. This season, get ready to flaunt floral prints with a newfound chicness that is insanely voguish. Be sure to stock up some romantically feminine floral maxi dresses and mid-length skirts.


‘80s Shoulder Affair

One of the boldest trends of the season, designers seem to be having a passionate love affair with the glorious 80s trend exaggeratedly supersized shoulders that tend to be squared and puffy. These have been revived with luxurious fabrics, including velvet, plaid and leather, and they are currently the hottest thing in fashion!

That’s enough on the fashion radar for now, but stay tuned for more, because our upcoming runway showcase for winter will introduce you to some insanely powerful and energetic new trends that are expected to shine throughout 2019. It’s an exciting event that packs up a great deal of styling drama and trend-setting for the seasons ahead. Stay tuned!

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