Fashion Radar 2019: Feast your Eyes on the Hottest Colors of the Year

Fashion Radar 2019: Feast your Eyes on the Hottest Colors of the Year

Article by Monica
October 28, 2018

Ladies, Pantone has introduced its chosen hues for the trendiest colors of the year, and these gorgeous shades have been flaunted on the runway in a glorious abundance. The palette is lively, fierce, bold and energetic, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Without further ado, let’s feast our eyes on the hottest colors of 2019:


Earthly Browns

Rich and vibrant browns have taken over the fashion radar with their versatile chicness, and it appears that this crispy and reddish autumn color will be all over the streets in 2019. As spotted on the runway, this is a dynamically bold and incredibly versatile shade to rock in outwear staples, coats, blazers, pants and even sheath dresses. Ladies, this is one color you simply cannot miss out on!


Burgundy Red

Deep and powerful notes of rich wine-hued burgundy red is a glamorous shade to ignite the sensuality of your feminine ensembles, and this year, it is going to be the hottest hue in black tie and festive wear. Burgundy red is an overpowering color that will make you stand out in the crowd and attract attention with your confident stature. It’s a fabulously ravishing shade to flaunt in outwear staples, trend coats, sultry slip dresses, cocktail numbers and maxi dresses.


Electric Blues

Dark notes of navy with an electric blue effect has taken over the runways and color radar with an energetic frenzy. This is the perfect shade to eliminate those awful Monday blues and give your ensemble a lively and infectious energy. You can flaunt electric blues with cozy cashmere, leather trench coats, sundresses, blazers, sweaters and a lot more.


Bold Pinks

Pink has emerged as one of the boldest hues of the year, and pink lovers can rejoice flaunting all the dark and shocking shades of pink without feeling the least bit conscious. This sassy color is also having a moment of glory on the runways, and we’ve spotted it gloriously designed into stylish trench coats, skirts, knee-length hooded dresses, cocktail dresses, and cashmere.



The subtle and romantic femininity of lavender has made it to the trend radar in all its glory. This lovely shade is a refreshing break from all the pinks and reds, or even the nudes and blacks. It gives the outfit a lively and invigorating energy, and we strongly urge y’all to indulge in its flirtatiously playful aura.

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